Injury Assessment, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Sports Massage

From old and reoccurring, to newly sustained injuries, book in with us today to get on the road to recovery. See below the services we can offer you.


Book in by clicking on the 'Book An Appointment' tab and following the step by step process.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultation, this is the appointment needed each time you book in with a new injury/problem area. A history of your injury will be taken, and an assessment and examination will take place to confirm the diagnosis. Your treatment will be discussed with you and started in this appointment. This appointment will last roughly 45-60 minutes. 

Follow Up Treatment

Follow up treatment, this appointment will consit of further treatment on your injury and confirmation of home rehabilitation plan to aid your recovery further. This appintment will larst 30 minutes. 

Sports Massage

Sports massage is great for pre and post event as well as maintenance between appintments. Sports massage can help with injury prevention, flexibility, circulation and aid in breaking down scar tissue from previous injuries. Sports massage appointments can last either 30 minutes or 60 minutes, feel free to discuss your needs prior to booking to book the best appointment for you.